European stories and legends


France, Italy and Poland, are for the moment the three partners of this European tales digitization project. In order to better study them, exchange them, and use them.


For the last 50 years, Sagep Editori has dealt with local and national interests, and has been the Ligurian publisher when it comes to tourism, art, food and wine. Constantly moving with time, Sagep pursues the highest quality in all the phases of producing a paper book, from design to editing, from proofreading to printing. In its ART sector, it has developed a flair for creating catalogues and monographs – for both public and private institutions – available not only through specialist bookshops, but also at many national and international museum shops. For the TOURISM sector there are numerous publications dedicated to Liguria and the discovery of Italy as a whole. The series I Tesori d’Italia e l’Unesco ("The Treasures of Italy and UNESCO") provides guides to enhance visits to the best known and most appreciated Italian sites with world heritage status. In FOOD & WINE Sagep tells the story of Italian traditions: Buono a sapersi – Piaceri da Gustare (“Good to Know – Pleasures to Relish”) is a series dedicated to Italy's culinary delights, while I libri dell’MTC (“MTC's books”), equally successful on internet and on paper, concentrates on specific kinds of recipes. Many of Sagep's publications are bilingual, or have been translated into different languages. Sagep's volumes can be found all over Italy thanks to regional book distributors. In addition, all publications are for sale on the main online sales platforms.


GIP FIPAN (Public interest association for professional formation and insertion in Nice academy) conducts multi-partner projects based on various topics: sustainable development, formation, mobility, culture… For Euro Fabula Loci project, GIP FIPAN, as the project leader, gathered European partners to develop a Web Atlas, an ebook, educational and recreational applications, on geolocalion- based European tales. For further information:


Since 2012 Multikultura has been a member of the Commission for Civic Dialogue at the Municipality of Krakow. The Commission was established by the government to inspire cooperation among the entrepreneurs, public institutions and local NGOs with emphasis on disadvantaged groups. Members of Multikultura are very active in the Commission. Since 2012 Multikultura has also been in constant cooperation with always growing numbers of European cities, actively participating in the Euro network of CITIES ON INTERNET SCOPE OF WORK: The Union consists of different institutions dealing with arts and education and ICT technology. Multikultura specializes in the exploitation of eLearning and multimedia education technology, applying such methods as internet platforms, teaching films, educational television, and video games. The documentary films produced by Multikultura have been awarded at different European film festivals and are now used by many schools in Europe as educational tools. Multikultura promotes equal opportunities of education & employment & combat marginalization of social groups. In accordance with the Erasmus+ Programme Multikultura pays attention to new technologies, able to guarantee equity in education, open technologies that allow all individuals to learn, anywhere, anytime, through any device. AREAS OF SPECIFIC EXPERTISE: Since 1999 Multikultura has been working as an educational provider on different projects on Cooperative Learning applied directly in classes as well as in the international contexts, where partners explore methods that stimulate the co-operation through open, challenging and complex tasks, mainly exploring the method derived from cooperative learning developed by Elizabeth Cohen (Stanford University) and Dalton Plan. QUALITY SYSTEM USED: Annual evaluation, internal and external of projects as well as testing of functionality of produced e-Learning tools and educational networks in real environment. Multikultura provides the EU with dissemination projects through proactive engagement with the User Groups, with the Multikultura website being used as an access point for those attempting to access and distribute information. It provides regular updates as well as an opportunity for individuals to download and use the resources. In all projects implemented by Multikultura e-learning methodologies are developed and printed and audiovisual materials are published for Europe-wide dissemination among educational institutions. In 2008 Multikultura coordinated the Grundtvig multilateral project eMultipoetry establishing the internet portal It is designed to offer an opportunity to explore the art of collective poetry writing simultaneously on the internet chat. Multikultura organizes international poetry festivals in each partner country. For the last five years Multikultura delivers weekly on-line classes for collective poetry writing and translating. The courses include: Collective poetry writing, translating, language learning, intercultural education. In 2013 Multikultura partnered with the KA1 project “e-Roma Resource, Project number: 543541-LLP-1-2013-1-SI-KA1-KA1NWR The main aim of the project is to raise the level of collaboration and communication among different training and education providers across Europe as well as other relevant structures and stakeholders and to set up instruments for efficient communication and collaboration. Multikultura carries out the main task of communication and dissemination establishing the internet platform as the main output of the project. In 2012 Multikultura responded to the educational challenge of ageing population in Europe with other Polish NGOs we set up the initiative of building a community of digital education leaders – that is the volunteers who help to provide senior citizens with pathways for improving their knowledge and competences. . The volunteers are called the "lighthouse keepers".

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